Thank you Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Here in Idaho, spring is always very welcome even though it  generally begins in a sort of sloppy, muddy, cool way.  This year we again had plenty of showers in April which, I have  heard, are well known to bring May flowers.

I suspect I am like most photographers in that I can’t resist a good sunset or a colorful flower.  To my constant dismay however, I am often disappointed in the results – the photos seldom give me the same rush of delight and satisfaction that I get from the simple act of looking at a beautiful flower.  But because there does come a satisfying success now and again, I am encouraged to continue trying.

The images below were taken over a number of years but there are a few from the magnificent blossoms we’ve enjoyed so far this season.  I hope  you enjoy them as much as I have!


A tea rose, shortly after an early summer shower.


This giant sunflower towered over me so it was a rare instance of looking up to shoot a flower!

Sweet Willliam blossom (Dianthus barbatus)

Sweet Williams are one of my favorites. Did you know the blossoms are edible? They are said to have a “clove like” flavor. (Notice the “said to have”!)


Coreopsis backlit by my driveway. The reflected light was so strong it needed very little cleaning up.


Peonies often surpass roses in my book but they come and go so quickly!



Wild sunflowers are a common sight in the dry, summer hills of Boise.


Among the early bloomers nothing says Spring! as well as the tulip.

I often think that if I could make a good living just by photographing flowers, I would jump at the opportunity.  As it is, it doesn’t matter – I’ll continue to bend my neck, grovel in the mud, wrestle with my tripod, and cultivate the patience I need to record the next chuckle of earth’s laughter.

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