In the last post, which I’m sure is indelibly engraved in the deepest neural pathways of your cerebellum, I focused on a few  hours I spent shooting Miami.  Well, since then I’ve had the wonderful opportunity of visiting a little town in the South Bay of L.A. County, clear on the other side of the  hemisphere:  Redondo Beach, California.   The purpose of my visit,  a class reunion in my home town of El Segundo just up the coast, kept me pretty occupied but I still had much more leisure time than I did in Miami.

CA_Redondo_140This is the essential Redondo Beach.  Although I grew up just three beach towns to the north, my youthful parochialism never encouraged me to explore the towns to the south as much as my adult self thinks I should have, so this was a welcome chance.

Most of my activity on this recent visit was confined to a very local area around the Redondo Pier and the beach you see above.  After all, it is Redondo Beach!

Crab House Restaurant on the Pier

Crab House Restaurant on the Pier

Man Reading a book on the beach

Redondo Pier

The Pier

Sea Gull


Redondo Pier


Palm Trees

The ever-present palms

I know these tall palms require maintenance but I’ve never been around when the dead branches are clipped. Does that really happen or do they just fall, perhaps causing a painful chance encounter below?

A cup of chocolate

A cup of chocolate

Deco Building of the MA Center

The MA Center, one of the oldest buildings in Redondo

There is an old California beach style of architecture that is becoming more rare as land values increase.  Walking through the old neighborhoods is still rewarded however with discoveries of remnants of those past days.  This beautiful deco building is not an example of that style but certainly belongs in the family.

There were few better places to be in the ’30s, ’40s, and yes even the ’50s than these little towns!

The Old Library

This old building was the original library. And that must be the original tree too!

Woman sitting under umbrella on beach

Back to the beach!

Pacific Sunset

Never saw one I could resist

Manhattan and Hermosa you’re next!

(Dedicated to ESHS Class of ’64)



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