Red Bell Pepper

OK, it’s still a working title.  I’ll improve on it soon.

My original idea for this post was to show a selection of my favorite produce photos.  Upon gathering many of them together however, I realized that I had enough pepper pix alone for a colorful and fun post.

Habaneros at LaMerced, Mexico City

Habaneros at La Merced, Mexico City

As anyone with any sense at all knows, a public market is a gold mine of beautiful photos.  The central market of Mexico City, La Merced,  certainly must be one of the largest in the world where you can see actual mountains of fruit and vegetables piled high.  You can’t leave without filling your bag, even if you hadn’t meant to spend a centavo.

bell peppers

Sliced bells

Every time I’ve tried to grow bells of any color, I have ended up with a small bush and just three, maybe four, peppers.  But they sure were good!

red chiles

Chiles in a Chinatown Market, Singapore

Do you think these weren’t red hot chili peppers?


A variety of chiles

I had fun gathering these from the markets on Clement Street near my apartment in San Francisco.  The wax-like skins of peppers produce such brilliant and solid colors!

Red Bell Petter

A Bell in the Clouds

One day, while visiting the local fruit stand I found this bell.  It was so beautiful that when I got home I spent the next  hour photographing it!


One of these posts soon I’ll follow through with the rest of my produce shots.  Until then, however, cope with these: